If you own an old building anda are trying to decide if you should restore or build new, please contact with us first before making any decisions. A majority of people believe that new buildings offer many advantages over historic ones, but we are thinking to differ. We’ll show you how restoration can, in fact, be more sustainable and save you a significant amount of money, time and effort. Renovations focus on repairing, replacing, and upgrading the structure.

If you want to transform the layout, change the functionality of the interior completely or add in a feature that your building is missing, then it will be considered a remodel. This is generally much more costly, time-consuming and labour intensive than the other two options since significant changes are usually required. Some remodel examples could include:

  • Altering the plumbing to relocate the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Expanding the square footage.
  • Raising the ceilings.
  • Removing walls.
  • Or for just repairs and interior-exterior painting

MEISTERQUELLE is ready for the work done as always on time, with high quality and within your budget!

MQ CONSTRUCTION has own interior designers for the renovation projects. Please contact us free for discusion regarding your properties that needs to renovate.