This year, when we feel the climate crisis deeply, shows the fact that we need to be more sensitive to our environment for the future generations. MQ CONSTRUCTION, acting with full responsibility, cooperates with its valuable customers in order to reduce waste materials and avoid unnecessary costs, and implements sustainable projects and construction methods. As buildings age, they go under significant wear and tear that includes discoloration, concrete deterioration, foundation damage, salt crystallization, and even microbiological growth from bacteria and fungi.

Even with regular maintenance every year, exposure to weather and other environmental factors will significantly deteriorate the building over time. However, that does not necessarily mean the building needs to be torn down. If you have an emotional attachment to the building, sometimes simple foundation repair work, cleaning, patching, and painting will be enough to bring the building back to life while still maintaining the stunning, original design. Old buildings are the landmarks that portray the history of generations before us as well as the architectural and design features that are no longer used today. Old buildings help us to maintain a connection to our past and bring a certain character and charm to our neighbourhoods. Just think of what our cities would look like if we tore down all the historical buildings and replaced them with new ones. It would not only diminish our city’s heritage, but also our sense of pride.

Restoring a building is often more affordable than building an entirely new one. This is especially true when the interior design of the building does not need to be changed at all. Simple steps like cleaning the exterior, fixing cracks, adding a fresh coat of paint, and reinforcing the structure do not take a lot of money when compared to a new build. For a fraction of the price, you can restore the building to provide adequate strength and revamp the appearance without interfering with the original condition.

Tearing down a building to construct a new one takes a lot of time, energy and money. On the other hand, exterior restoration of the original building can be done much faster with the right company behind the work. With specialized equipment and skilled staff, you can have a fully restored building in a matter of days or even weeks.

Construction waste greatly impacts our environment by filling landfills and polluting our rivers and lakes. Preserving an old building can reduce the amount of waste that enters our environment. It can also preserve the resources that are involved in building new materials.

There are many cost advantages as you can see to renovating and repurposing an older building. One that many people don’t talk about is the lower establishment costs. Because the structure is already in place, there is no need to purchase land, deal with zoning requirements, demolish the building, connect the utilities, or erect a new building.

Yours sincerely,
Halil Cahit AKALIN
Civil Engineer